Through crimson stars
and silent stars and tumbling nebulas like oceans set on fire
my name is eris, and i was raised by television and rock & roll. i speak in fragments, take my coffee black. +


I leave town and have no internet for 5 days and I come back and book 4 not only has a release date, but Korra also has a new hair do. How could I not draw it? now i need to go sleep

t h e r e   i s   n o   m i d d l e   g r o u n d


Blake Ritter

You going my way, doll?

Is there any other way to go, daddy-o? Straight from the fridge, man.


the most important thing to me ever is bi kids knowing that it’s ok to be 10% attracted to women and 90% attracted to men or 10% attracted to men and 90% attracted to women and still feeling ok to identify as bi, and still feeling like their identity is valid, and still feeling like they can lead fulfilling lives with both (or other) genders. like that’s just so fricking important.